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Assisi in Umbria, Italy

Assisi is most famous as pilgrimage destination linked to its native son, Saint Francis. The gentle saint who founded the Franciscan order shares honours with Saint Catherine of Sienna as the patron saint of Italy. He is remembered by many as a lover of nature, his preaching to an audience of birds being one of the legends of his life. Assisi is without doubt one of the major art centres of Umbria. The Lower Basilica of Saint Francis was decorated by the greatest painters of the 13 C and 14 C: Cimabue, Giotto, the Lorenzetti brothers and Simone Martini. The Upper Basilica is adorned by Giotto's frescoes illustrating the life of St. Francis. There are also works by Cimabue, Cavallini and Torriti. There are numerous other churches of great architectural interest throughout the town and environs.

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