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Spoleto is an ancient city that still reveals traces of pre-Roman and Roman walls, as well as a Roman theatre, an amphitheatre, a bridge, and an arch of Drusus (AD 23) with a ruined temple beside it. The mediaeval town clusters picturesquely on the hillside and is dominated both by the massive Rocca (fortress), built in 1355–64 on the site of the ancient citadel, and by the cathedral, consecrated in 1198 and extensively remodeled in 1634–44. The cathedral, with eight rose windows and a central mosaic by Solsternus (1207), contains a magnificent fresco of the "Coronation of the Virgin" by Fra Filippo Lippi and pupils, as well as Fra Filippo’s tomb. Other notable churches include Santa Eufemia (10 C), San Pietro (13 C), San Gregorio Maggiore (12 C), and San Salvatore, an elaborately decorated monument, usually assigned to the 5 C but possibly dating from the late 8 C. The town is supplied with water by an aqueduct that crosses a ravine on the famous arched Ponte delle Torre bridge built in 1364. 

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